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The Lizzie Borden House | Real Haunted Places

The Borden House 1800s from Wikipedia Commons

The Back Story:

On August 4, 1892, Andrew and Abby Borden were killed in their home by an ax murder. The prime suspect turned out to be their daughter Lizzie Borden. Lizzie stood trial and she was acquitted.  However, some people believe she got away with murder.  Now it is believed that she and others haunt her former home in Fall River, Massachusetts.  The house is now a bed and breakfast.  You can stay the night.  If you dare.

The Paranormal Occurrences:

Mr. Andrew Borden's ghost goes about his regular routine in the house as if he is still alive.  Mrs. Abby Borden's ghost can be encountered in The John Morse Room.  Lizzie Borden's ghost has been seen down in the basement looking for something.  Bridget “Maggie” Sullivan the maid. Her ghost is seen doing chores around the house.  Maggie’s cat is heard to meow and rubs up against people it likes.  In the house, the lights turn on and off on their own.  Doors open and close on their own and are followed by the echo of footsteps.  Shadow people have been seen on the staircase going down to the main hallway.  Sometimes the staff and guests feel someone brush against them on the stairs and in other places in the home.  Disembodied voices have been heard through the house.  The ghost of two young children has been heard playing marbles in the house.  They are believed to have drowned in the home's water cistern.

The Best time to visit:

Visit the Lizzie Borden House on the August 4th anniversary date when the museum stages their annual re-enactment of the murders.